planning permission in a conservation area

Getting Planning Permission in a Conservation Area

What is a conservation area?

A conservation area is one which is preserved for its peculiar qualities, usually with a rich historical background or economic importance.

Constructing a building in a conservation area in the UK could be a time consuming and arduous adventure, and even more, asking when planning permission requirements are factored in.

If you have ever wondered the best way to go in getting a planning permission for constructing a building or any form of property in the UK, then this article is for you.

So if you reside in these areas and want to know how to get a conservation area consent or planning permission from your local authority, then consider taking these steps.

1. Your design improves the outlook of the area

Yes! To increase your chances of getting approval for your planning in a conservation area, you will need to detail in your design, how your property will be an excellent addition to the aesthetics of the conserved area. This means you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the area and know how it will look better before drafting your application.

2. Know the standards

Your planning application for construction in a conservation area is likely to go under more scrutiny than would other general projects for good reasons. So you have to know the required standards for such areas, and you may seek advice about this from your planning officers before finalising your application. This will also save you from having to make constant changes to your plan before getting approval.

3. Enhance not diminish the perspective of the area

You do not need to make your building look old before getting approval for construction in a conservation area. You only need to be sure your building will maintain and preserve the sacrosanct value of the area.

This is where hiring an expert architect or planning permission agent who knows how to strike a balance between the outlook of your property and older ones as well as ensure a perfect transition between both. Many times, these professionals can help you save lots of time and money.

4. Meet your local conservation officer for advice

It is also important to make sure you meet your local conservation area officer even before you start your building plan to get an idea of what works best for the area. A great hint for swift approval you may call that.

Hope these quick points above have provided you an idea and some information to get started with your planning permission process for construction in a conservation area.

If you require any help with your planning permission application process, we are right here and will be more than happy to help.

Good luck with your application process.