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Making Changes – Planning Permission

Did you just notice a glitch in your planning permission application? Want to modify your design due to things you didn’t factor in your application or want a modification to save construction cost or for other practical reasons? What you need to do then is making changes to your planning application.

Making changes could further prolong your waiting time to get approval. However, it could be the best thing to do if you perceive you made a mistake in your design.

Here, we give you tips on how to make changes to your planning permission and get a favourable response from your local planning authority in the UK.

1. Use time to your advantage

Planning permissions are usually granted in the UK for a period which must have been specified. When this time elapses, it becomes pretty difficult to get approval. So if only minor changes that will require more time is what is occasioning your modification, you may contact your local planning authorities for a time extension. This may be granted, depending on whether work has been started or there is a plausibility that the new modification won’t be violating previous requirements.

2. You can make non-material changes

If only minor changes to your initial design, such as window extension which doesn’t translate to material changes with immense impact on privacy. You can effect the desired changes by applying for the non-material amendment to your local planning authority. Just as easy as it sounds.

3. You can even make minor material changes

This is when your new changes come with a material impact to the initial design of your building. In other words, they may have an impact on your neighbours and general environment. If this is the case, you may either reach your local planning authority for modification of a condition in your existing permission or removal of a requirement to suit your change.

If your needs are not met by going through the routes mentioned above, unfortunately, your only option will probably be to apply for a new permission. Seeing the hassles that accompany getting planning approval, there is no gainsaying the fact that you need to hire the best architects and builders in your locality with in-depth knowledge on your project and surrounding, to reduce the likelihood of requiring a modification after getting planning approval.

This is surely the best way to go to save you potential stress when your building construction is underway.

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