Hire the Very Best Architects in Kent and Increase your Project's Chances of Approval


Any individual who wants to get their construction project approved or wish to acquire planning permission in Kent would need to hire a certified architect to draw a good outline of the construction. One that can get easily approved by the Local Planning Authorities.

CB Planning Agent has its very own Architects in Kent who are not only extremely proficient in their field of work but are also quite experienced in drawing plans in accordance with the permitted development application process in Kent. They can design your project outline from start till finish with special emphasis on your specified requirements.

Our architects can help you make your idea a reality. You can rest assured that they can design all types of extensions and structural additions for your project. We at CB planning agent verify and approve all our architects which is why our clients can remain stress free and have complete faith in our Architectural Services in Kent. They understand exactly what the Local Planning Authorities require in order to give the green light for a construction process.

Before attempting to submit your Planning Applications in Kent it will suit you better to consult with the professionals here at CB Planning Agent. Our staff will listen to you with their undivided attention and recommend the best strategies to get your construction or renovations accepted.

In case your project gets stuck in the pipeline of the planning application process there is no need to worry. When you intend on handing in planning appeals in kent to the Planning Authority, our agents will walk you through the steps that are guaranteed to triple your chances.

If the building project you have been working on has already commenced or concluded construction, then you can have us prepare you a Retrospective Planning Permission Application.

Even though the process of obtaining planning permissions in Kent is a highly elaborate and long procedure, CB Planning Agent and our team of planning experts will be there to support you through each step of the way.

If you wish to know more details get in touch with us today!